Ways To Create A Sticky Personal Brand


The Bua Tong Waterfalls are a delightful day trip from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. They are also known as the “Sticky Falls”, because of the lime content in the water, making the rocks viscous enough to easily walk up the three tiered, fast flowing cascade.

This quirk of nature certainly confused our brains, which totally expected the rocks to be slippery (and in some patches where algae grew they were), but each time we tentatively placed a foot in the water to ‘walk up the waterfall’, we found a grippy surface we could be sure of.

The entire way up we were thinking “Wow, we shouldn’t be able to do this!” The adventure will stick in our memories forever, a once in the lifetime experience now glued permanently into our brains.

So how can your personal brand, like the Sticky Falls, stick in the mind of your perfect prospect?

How can you ensure once someone has interacted with your brand, they want more?

How can you generate stickiness to create raving fans clients, who return again and again to you and tell everyone how great you are?

Here are

Avoid These Five Business Mistakes


Having business systems in place is crucial to the success of your business.

The question is: How can you make sure your business processes actually help rather than hurt you?

Let’s discuss five mistakes many businesses are making.

Mistake #1: Not having an overall goal.

It’s common for people to focus on the details of the business but not on specific tasks that they need to perform. If your business doesn’t have an overall goal then your details would tend to be fuzzy. This can cause a disconnect.

Every business should have a goal and a model to follow. You may have a goal for instance of hiring team members. If that’s the case it’s more important than ever for you to make sure that you have goals and systems in place.

Your employees will be looking to you for guidance and direction so you need to make sure you have your goals clearly defined before you tell others what to do.

Having an employee handbook will help new hires understand their responsibilities.

Mistake #2: Not using technology properly.

All businesses need to use technology to some degree. That being said no

Simplest Idea To Beat Your Competition Hands Down


In today’s consumer world we are all bombarded with choice. Choice of more suppliers, choice of more products, and every one of them promising to provide better service.

It doesn’t have to be January sale time to see that everyone is competing on price as well.

In consumers’ minds this can be a turnoff and cause decision paralysis.

Add to this volatile mix the new threat of disruptive and innovative new business models such as Airbnb and Uber and you had better watch out. You may not be in accommodation or taxis but if you’re not yet struggling against serious competition you can be sure you will be faced with similar challenges soon.

Repositioning is the key

The way to beat this challenge is really quite simple, but most businesses just don’t get it.

It serves us well to recall what Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting said years ago.

“The single purpose of a business is to create a customer, and the business enterprise has two-and only these two-basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.

“Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function

What Does a Micro-loan Mean For Your Small Business?


The last five years have seen a drastic change in the world of small business finance. Banks and credit unions
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CFD Trading: What is in Store During the United States Elections?


One of the issues with many online investment news outlets is the fact that the majority of coverage tends to focus upon technical and fundamental aspects of the markets while playing down the importance of politics. However, this year is predicted to be quite different. As the United States quickly approaches another presidential election, we have to wonder whether or not political uncertainties will have any effect upon the world of CFD trading. What factors do we need to take into account and what can we expect in terms of market values immediately after a candidate has been chosen? Every CFD trader needs to carefully consider these two questions.

A Hiatus from the Markets?

There is no doubt that doom and gloom have been hovering over the political arena within the United States for the past year. In an election that is increasingly defined as voting for the lesser of two evils, many investors may pull their money out of the markets entirely. This is less of a doomsday scenario than a reality in some circles. For example, a recent study commissioned by UBS discovered that a staggering 47 per cent of American millionaires may reduce

Trusted Commercial Cleaning Services or The Commercial Space


Maintaining the cleanness of your facility, healthy environment is not the only thing you get, but it will give a good impression for your business. Say that you work in a medical industry, food industry and many other more, clean environment can induce trust. Looking for doctors office cleaning Columbus, it is not recommended that you randomly choose certain commercial cleaning services company to do the cleaning, if you determine to get best cleaning result. So, what it takes to get a reliable commercial cleaning service company? It is not that difficult, however, it can be very daunting, if you have no idea where to start.

Recommendations from people that you knew, it’s worth a consideration. The more you get the option, the rate to get the best company to clean your facility is higher. Nonetheless, your journey for a reliable cleaning service company shouldn’t stopping there. Dig more information toward not only the services which are available, but also how to perform their work through their website. If you want to, you can check their ratings and reviews on BBB to ensure that certain company that you choose, is trusted or not.


Benefits in a Certified Appraiser


You may have reasons why you would want your machines and assets to be appraised by certified equipment appraisers. Be it due to insurance claims, warranty disputes, company merger, acquisition, or for court litigation, it is essential to tap into the services of qualified and certified business appraisal team.

The Selection Process

In fairly and honestly assessing the present value of your equipment, you need to undergo a process of selecting the most competent and certified machinery appraiser. You may be enticed to employ someone you know, a local assessor or someone from a firm that is offering extra affordable services. It’s a pitfall for countless clients as these people are not certified appraisers. The reports they generate will not stand in court nor will other corporations accept it. These written appraisals apparently do not have any value at all. It is important to always check for the certification of your assessors before inking that deal.

Qualities of a Good Equipment Appraiser

Being a certified appraiser is not enough. For you to get the best value for your money, try to look for the following qualities in your search for an eligible appraiser:


It is important to hire appraisers that are able to generate

Guide to Selling a Business Successfully


70 percent of all businesses listed for sale never see an exchange of hands. That means out of 10, only about three sell.

This can be a depressing statistic if you are thinking about selling your business. But crossing the bridge from those that fail to those that successfully make the sale, is not a matter of chance.

It is a result of careful thought and thorough preparation.

There are specific steps to selling a business that you should take, and how well you do at each stage determines the likelihood of making that sale.

Here are 7 steps to selling a business that you should take.

1. Preparation

When it comes to selling a business, the preparation starts even two years before the actual listing. You have to make sure all your records are in place and are actually attractive. This means dealing with any damaging tax and legal issues, settling all debts that may make your business look bad and all your books are in a healthy condition.

2. Fine Tune Your Business System

Before listing your business, make sure your business machine is well oiled and in the best working condition. Make sure all employees are in place and are the right fit. Ensure

How To Improved Between Employee Engagement And Engagement Benefits Business


Employee engagement is the bond between employer and employee, and it is an indicator and a driver of the level of commitment that an employee will have towards the company that they work for.

An engaged employee doesn’t just look forward to going to work but they are committed enough to the process that they will think about the day ahead, consider what they will be doing, and they also determine how best they can work to improve the company.

It is important to note that employee engagement is different to employee satisfaction.

While a satisfied employee will turn up to their desk 9-5 on the majority of days, they will be less invested in ensuring the success and growth of your business when compared to an engaged employee.

Benefits For The Business

From the company’s perspective, an engaged employee is more productive, will generate greater revenue, and will yield improved profits.

So, how can your business identify the level of engagement of employees and how can it improve engagement levels in order to benefit your whole organisation.

There are many benefits to having engaged employees. You can expect improved productivity from employees.

They tend to be more creative, which can lead to further business improvements, and

Roadblocks To Success


1. Not Having A Daily Productivity Goal
Every morning ask yourself what you are going to do today that will drive your business forward.

As an entrepreneur, it is up to you to take action and move forward. If you have never been an entrepreneur before, this is something that may brand new to you. You are now the creator that has to make things happen. This can be a big stumbling block for people in the beginning.

At the end of the day, be really honest with yourself, and ask what you did today that actually moved your business forward. If you focus on this every single day, you will start to see the compounding results of your efforts.

The #1 focus of every entrepreneur should be to make money. Unless you make money, your will not stay in business! You must know the driving force that will continue to make money for your business.

2. Trying To Do Too Many Things At The Same Time
You cannot possibly focus on everything, but you can get good at one thing. If you jump from one thing to another you will simply spin your wheels and not get much done. Master one thing

Boost Accountability In Your Organization With These


“By making your employees more accountable, you make your organization more productive.”

Those words from famed General Electric CEO Jack Welch still ring true today.

Holding people accountable for results is the foundation of an organization’s performance; it’s management 101. Yet it appears there is a gap between knowing and doing.

Why do some organizations succeed at instilling accountability as a core element of their culture and others fall short? What can leaders do to create a culture of accountability? Our research on top performing companies identified five actions that have the greatest impact on an organization’s ability to build a culture of accountability and achieve results.

1. Translate Strategy into Specific Objectives.

Beyond developing a shared picture of the company’s strategic direction it is necessary to clarify priorities and translate these into specific department goals. This increases the likelihood that implementation plans will be targeted toward high impact outcomes. In addition, clear department goals facilitate goal-setting at the individual level, which enhances accountability.

2. Coordinate Actions Across Levels and Work Units and Follow Up on Progress.

Coordinating and monitoring activity is a critical aspect of execution and is an essential ingredient for building a culture of accountability. It’s how companies keep people focused on high-priority

Benefits of Using a Management Consulting Service For Your Company


Some employees, managers, and business owners have a bad vision of what management consulting professionals do. What they see is someone who is supposed to be an expert come in and try and tell them how to do their job better. There is generally a fee that goes along with hiring a trained consultant as well, and people think that money could be more beneficial spent in other areas.

However, there are positive factors surrounding management consulting as well. These educated people can make recommendations that will benefit a business overall. It may be difficult to see how the small differences can be helpful in day-to-day operations, but after ideas have been implemented for some time, the changes can make a transformation.

It is not uncommon for companies to face times when layoffs, salary and benefit changes, and other operational differences are necessary. Many times, the leaders of the company do not want to be the ones that have to deliver the bad news to their dedicated team of employees. Experienced management consulting agents are often brought on to come in and share the details of the changes.

By having a management consultant come in and break the shifts in the business

The Effect of Discount Supermarkets


One of the 5 defining factors of the competition model is the threat of new market entrants; the UK supermarket sector was widely used as a live example of high barriers. Well that has been blown apart with Aldi and Lidl taking the sector by storm in the last 10 years, barriers to entry may as well have not existed.

Is it any wonder then that Waitrose has recently announced its intention to take on the budget stores whilst retaining a premium offering? This notion would have had you kicked out of the strategy lectures I attended. The idea of being ‘stuck in the middle’ would give undergraduates nightmares but here we are 10 years later and the differentiation of supermarket propositions has become a blurred line.

Have we reached a point where a business can be everything to everyman? Or have supermarkets fallen into the very trap that Porter said they would if a business tries to provide both high value and mass quantity offerings.

There is no doubt that the consumer has become price savvy and expects the best deal, Waitrose used to stand out as a more pleasant shopping experience than some supermarkets but as we increasingly turn to online

The Essential Skill In Business


Coaching is now considered essential as a development tool in business. It’s not yet as common as in sport, but is increasingly popular. This is because it’s an effective way of managing and developing people and delivers positive results.

Essential skill for line managers

According to the latest CIPD Annual Survey* into learning and development:

“Coaching and mentoring are common – three-quarters of organisations currently offer coaching or mentoring and an additional 13% plan to offer it in the next year. Most expect to increase their use.”

Of the companies surveyed nearly 9 in 10 are using or about to use coaching in some way. In-house development programmes and coaching by line managers or peers remain the most popular development methods and one of the most effective.

Companies invested in training managers in basic coaching skills and many want to use this as a means of changing the culture to more of a learning culture. With a few years’ experience of line manager coaching, companies are now much clearer on what they can expect from this form of on-the-job development. The focus is on performance development.

The ability to use coaching skills in how you lead and manage others is essential and will help you

All About an Exit Strategy


Every successful business exit needs meticulous planning, so the sooner you start the better it is. (Here, the word “better” implies to the rewards that come while you are exiting your business.) The most ironical part of an exit strategy is that many of the steps involved in this process are the same ones that are followed while building a business. The steps, which are need to be followed while creating this plan, include:

  • Building an independent board
  • Upgrading the financial reporting controls and systems
  • Exploring new growth opportunities via internal operations
  • Transforming the company’s managerial strategies

The different exit strategies

So the bottom line is that companies must prepare for an exit plan in advance as exiting will take some time. The array of exit strategies generally comprises:

  • Taking the business public via Initial Public Offering (that is also known as IPO)
  • Selling the business to any willing strategic acquirer
  • Recapitalizing and even selling the business to a managerial team-this phenomenon is also called “management buyout.”

However, before building such a plan, it is better if the business’s management along with its leadership can envision (and then realize) the company’s final goal. For finalizing the end goal, it is best if the company’s management and leadership can brainstorm

How to Solve Challenges in Business Intelligence


Ever wondered what a well-planned and deployed business intelligence project can do for your business without all the challenges? By now if you’re not aggressively mining your data you’re not only leaving money on the table, you’re falling behind your competitors. Looking for basic aberrations and trends in data for sales, marketing, operations and customers is second nature to most companies. This will help you tread water for a time but did you know you unlock exponential value to your data once you reach cross functional, role based, and collaborative analysis which enables iterative business process improvement?

The challenges to operative data visibility are pretty easy to identify in a company. Do any of these ring a bell? You have a thousand spreadsheets stored on your network and different departments may have different values for the same measure? The executives have clear objectives and have a strategy but if you ask an individual contributor there is only a vague notion of what they are, or are pursuing their own department objectives? You have data, a vision for analyzing your marketing or industry metrics but your IT department takes so long to assist with setting up the reporting tools and infrastructure

Guide for Choosing the Right Kind of Barriers


Crowd control and highway control barriers come in various materials and sizes. They have to be selected according to the purpose. They are widely used for different reasons from construction, highway to law enforcement. It is important to pick the right barrier for safety and security of the people and property.

Criteria to Choose Quality Barriers

Your choice should be economical and efficient while providing protection against unexpected traffic. It is important to source the barriers from reputed companies since quality is crucial for achieving the purpose of a barrier.

The barriers have to be portable for events and other purposes. In this case, water-filled barriers can be purchased. You should choose the supplier based on his record in the industry and reviews. The supplier should satisfy your budget and individual requirements. Water-filled barriers are portable and serve the purpose of regulating crowd efficiently.

Value Added Benefits

You should also make sure that barriers have interlocking hooks that can bend and are properly welded to the frame to avoid any separation. Choose a concrete barrier which has a good gauge for durability and strength to withstand the heavy traffic.

Concrete Jersey Barriers

When choosing a jersey barrier make sure that they are of the highest quality

The Reasons Great Collaboration Never Gonna Happen


In most companies, collaboration is a valuable part of corporate culture. In fact, it’s expected that teams, departments and divisions work and share information together. In some of the best companies, collaboration is well executed with outside vendors, suppliers and consultants. Yet, for some reason, collaboration does not always happen. Many businesses tend to be divided by silos – groups of people who function like clicks.

Collaboration like corporate culture is the elusive quality that is characterized as a soft skill. While considered soft, it’s a skill that appears to be very hard to acquire.

Collaboration is the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve a common goal. Sounds simple. Right? When you factor human nature, you start to see where complications begin.

What could possibly get in the way of such a desirable element for successful business? For one, people like to take credit for achievement. When two or more people work together, they combine their brains. By doing so, one thought can feed off of the others’. That makes it difficult to say who the originator of the thought was. When, in fact, the thought was not originated by anyone. It was an amalgamation of

Things That Your IT Consulting Company Should Offer


IT consultancy has become an important contributor to business nowadays, with many companies seeking help from an outside advisor to help them take their business to the next level. IT in particular is very important, as the world we live in relies on technology heavily to do business.

Indeed, it is fair to say that there is virtually no business that cannot benefit from implementing technological solutions into their business endeavours, whether it is online advertising, creating a website, using cloud solutions or something entirely different. Regardless of the service that you are looking for, here are three important things that your IT consulting company should offer you.

First of all, look for a company that is up to date with all the cutting edge, latest solutions that are available. This goes beyond being able to build a simple website for you, and requires knowledge of the current state of affairs in the world of technology and how this can positively affect your business.

The reason for this is that technology is rapidly evolving, and this means that the market is constantly fluctuating and chancing. There are companies that are gaining a competitive edge thanks to technology, and this is something that

How to Handle an Objection


Most sales reps hate getting objections. When they get them, their hands start to sweat, their heart takes the elevator down into the pit of the stomachs, and they start wishing they had gotten that graduate degree and avoided sales altogether.

This is how most sales reps react when they get objections, but not the top producers. Top producers view and react to objections very differently. To start with, because top producers thoroughly qualify their prospects up front they generally uncover and deal with many objections during the qualifying stage. Objections like, “I’ll have to show this to my partner,” and others are already known and dealt with.

In addition, top producers have taken the time, long in advance, of scripting out two or three different rebuttals to the objections they get, so when they do get them, they know exactly what to say to overcome them. In other words, they are rarely caught off guard, because they know what to say to deal with them.

Third, because top producers know what the objections or stalls are likely to be in advance, and since they are prepared for them with solid scripts and techniques to overcome them, they are able to take advantage