5 Reasons Why Rats Are Probably the Most Dangerous Household Pests


A common misconception about rats is that they are not actually dangerous to humans. This is a falsehood! Rats are some of the most dangerous pests in your home. They may cause diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus, and plague. Rats can also destroy electrical equipment, spread fleas and ticks, gnaw through the property to get food from sewers and garbage cans, contaminate food with urine and droppings, and chew through wires, causing fires or electrical shocks to humans in the home. 

So, it’s best not to be under the false impression that your rat is a harmless pet. And if you think your property is infested by rats, then you should seek professional pest control services Austin, TX, for help.

Here are different reasons why rats are probably the most dangerous household pests.

Rats are crazy smart

Rats are really smart and can be trained to do tricks such as push levers or run along a closed track and jump over barriers. They learn very quickly and are great at problem-solving. So, they will reach everywhere in your home and destroy things.

Rats are resilient animals

Rats can live in sewers, sewer pipes, buildings, and on top of roofs (they like to hide in attics) in extremely cold temperatures. They even can swim across the ocean to reach other countries. Rats are also good at hunting for food and will eat just about anything,  leaving an entire city block smelling like a graveyard!

Rats are agile

Rats are very agile and can run at top speed. They can easily outrun a human running at the same speed. Rats use their tail to climb and balance themselves in tight spaces. They even have been found on the boat miles from shore!

Rats can squeeze through really small openings

Rats can squeeze through tiny holes. They can fit through a hole smaller than a dime! Rats can also squeeze through spaces smaller than the thickness of two sheets of paper. That’s why it’s really important to always secure your house from outside intruders.

Rats sort of know what you are thinking

Rats can read your mind. They can learn your habits and then mimic them. Rats quickly learn what foods to avoid. They will also learn where food is hidden, and they will go back to it over and over again. To discover more about some natural odors mice dislike, visit this website: https://newstable.org/

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