Jewellery Myths for Women Completely Busted


Looking your best can do wonders to your confidence without doubt. But do you always happen to have this fear that you might be pairing your jewellery and clothes the wrong way? That is because many women are taught hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. What is once just a style is usually followed by few, with time grows mainstream and becomes a rule of society. But when you think of it closely, fashion has always been about being bold, unique and experimental. Rules are always meant to be broken and myths are meant to be shunned. 


5 Jewellery Myths that Must Be Removed


  • You cannot mix gold and silver jewellery 

Manywomen have thing for keeping things properly matched in women jewellery. However, fashion knows no limits and nowhere does it say that all your jewellery must be either silver or gold. Throw this myth out in the trash and bring the gold and silver together with one look. If they are paired the right way, they can really make you stand out from the crowd.


  • You have to match your jewellery pieces 

It is perfectly fine to wear matching jewellery, but it can be a tad bit boring. You can mix and match and play around while jewels that bring out your quirky fun side. From pair of socks to lip shades, everyone everywhere is coming out of the boring similar match, so then why not try it with jewellery? Wear that silver chain with your favourite beads while you can carry it off well.


  • Size matters 

There are hundreds of fashion experts asking you to wear stuff as per your size, but not only are these kinds of articles disappointing to read but they also put you out of self-confidence. Same goes for jewellery, as when they tell you if you’re petite you cannot wear chunky bold jewels and if your face size is small you cannot pull any danglers off. You must remember it’s the time of revolution for fashion, and getting rid of every myth related to jewellery is what we should do, and wear whatever we please, as size does not matter.

  • Less is more- a rule to throw

Less is more is a phrase women have been served too many times; and it has really become a monastic rule for all the women. But it is absolutely okay to go overboard and be a little extra, and to wear those big anklets gold complementing your dress in any minimalist garden party or to wear chunky bracelets at a date, the pick should be yours matching with branded toe rings

  • Vintage and Modern cannot be separated

Have you ever been really thoughtful and sceptic about pairing any vintage type of drops with that floral skirt of yours? If yes, then sadly you’ve been taken over by this myth that modern pieces can only go with modern and vintage with vintage. Just think how many heads you will turn when you wear vintage earrings and your floral maxi dress with that confidence and new look and by reinventing your look.

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