Choosing Personalised Baby Gifts


Personalised baby gifts are always a special way to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Not only do they make a thoughtful, unique and memorable gift for parents, but they are also something that is likely to be treasured forever.

If you’re looking to buy a personalised gift for a newborn baby or one that is soon to be arriving, there are many different options available to suit all tastes and preferences. From personalised clothes and accessories through to wall art, books and toys, there are so many ways to wish the new arrival well with a gift that has their name on it.

Personalised baby gifts can be as simple or as elaborate as you like and you can tailor them to suit your budget too. For example, if you have been asked for money by the parents-to-be in order for them to buy essentials for their baby, why not give it in an envelope along with some personalised money boxes? These can have the baby’s name on them or even be personalised with pictures of bunnies, ducks or teddy bears. Parents are sure to love this extra special touch and save up those pennies to treat their little one when they grow up.

Here are some tips on choosing personalised baby gifts:

Consider your budget

Personalized gifts come in various price ranges depending on what you want to buy. For instance, you can buy a personalized blanket or bib at an affordable price. However, if you want to go all out, consider getting something more elaborate like a personalized photo frame with a message or poem. You can also get personalized books and music CDs that are sure to be enjoyed by the parents. For a wide selection of personalized baby gifts, you can visit

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Consider your relationship with the recipient and the occasion

It is important that you consider your relationship with the recipient of the gift so that you will choose something appropriate. For instance, if the baby is your granddaughter, consider giving her a teddy bear with her name embroidered on it or perhaps a white gold charm bracelet that she can wear in future. If it is a friend’s baby, consider giving them something more generic such as a teddy bear with the baby’s name and birth date engraved on it.

Think about something simple – if you’re not artistic, think about buying a simple personalised gift such as a mug or cushion cover. These items are usually created using an embroidery machine, so all you need to do is provide the name and date of birth (and perhaps colour choices) and your chosen retailer will create your gift for you.

Choose something which will grow with the child – if you want to give a special keepsake and one which will grow with the child, consider a piece of jewellery. A silver bracelet or bangle can be given at birth and then added to over time. You could also buy a charm bracelet or necklace with some initial charms added.

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