3 Reasons to Display Medals in a Room


There is nothing like tasting sweet victory after a person has struggled and exhausted themselves to meet their expectations at the big sports event. Races are meant to keep people on track and tennis serves to remind them that they’re still young even after they’ve combated to reach the lovely 40. Stowing away medals in the closet is not a good idea. Sure, the person might not want to come off as narcissistic or self-obsessed, but let’s face it – there is a lot more to displaying medals.

Mentioned below are 3 reasons why winners should look into custom medal displays!

1. Reminds the Person of Their Victory

Victory is overwhelming, but people tend to forget their own hard work after acquiring it. The medal that a person wins does not deserve to lie in their closet like some discarded piece of metal. To honor the moment of triumph, they should display the ultimate proof of victory in their room. Not only will they get motivated to work harder for the next event that’s lined up, but it will also remind them why they opted to take the challenge in the first place.

2. Inspiration for Others

Perhaps somebody is looking for some motivation to rekindle their dull spirits and there is an uncanny possibility that the person with the gleaming medals could be just what they’re looking for! Displaying one’s medal in their room can inspire other siblings in the family to work harder and achieve something of the same caliber.

These medals can serve as answers to the ultimate question, ‘If they can do it, they why can’t others do it as well?’

3. Conversation Starter

We all know how much we dread awkward situations, especially if someone invites their crush over for some quality time. People like talking about things that concern others’ interests. With their medals on display, there’s finally a topic to babble about – intelligently.

If they hang up a couple of pictures of the moments when they won those medals, then people might go and ask them the details of those events as well.

Everyone should have a chance to be reminded of what they have achieved. With Victory Hangers, every winner out there can get their own hanging custom medal hangers within the comfort of their rooms.

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