Bio Lab Exotique , ‘YOUTH’ potion preview.


Quite a few brands are coming out claiming they are organic, they have no chemicals, they can treat this and that, over promise and under deliver, but when you dig deeper when you make that exciting trip to Sephora wanting to get your hands on that latest organic skincare must-have, you realize the claims are most likely overly ambitious and the product is actually full of chemicals. I mean let’s be real, how can a jar of a rose gel or aloe vera really make my face tighter or dissolve signs of sun damage? So when I got an email from the new brand, telling me about their high end but affordable fully organic skincare products called Youth and Elixir potions, sent me their info and ingredient list, I was a little skeptical yet hopeful. I chose Bio Lab Exotique ‘YOUTH’ potion to review, mind you this is not an ad or sponsored so below is my honest opinion for you to consider when purchasing the brand.

YOUTH by Bio Lab Exotique :

– What: ‘Youth’ enhancing and preserving, oil-based potion.

-Boosts collagen production

-Preserves skin fibroblasts: a type of biological cell, that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen

-Long-lasting hydration

-Gives your skin that ‘Instagram’ filtered look

-Tip: perfect as an after-sun or a makeup primer!

How: best to use before your bedtime or after the shower, let the product sink in, if you have to go out just tap off the excess residue with a tissue.

Ingredients: 100% prickly pear oil, 100% neem oil, 100% argan oil. No chemicals.

Ok sounds great, I went to google to check out other reviews and learn more about the oils used in the product. I have learned that prickly pear oil is one of THE most expensive oils there are, neem oil is a highly potent ingredient that is used for its highly potent skin healing properties and been proved to lift your skin, and argan oil that Bio Lab doesn’t over process but simply cold-pressed to preserve all its luscious benefits. Bio Lab Exotique promises visible results after just 48 hours of using their products, I went to sleep with just a few drops of ‘YOUTH’ and really did wake up looking more plumped, refreshed, and my skin felt tighter ( guess its all that precise mix of prickly pear and neem oils!). So my next question was why can’t I just buy these ingredients separately? Well, I probably could – but who is there to guarantee the oils I find online are so PURE and RAW and REAL? Most oils sold at the moment are mixed with nasty things such as mineral oils. Argan and especially god forbid prickly pear cant to be cheap by default, they are very expensive ingredients to source, grow and process. I also don’t want to risk any nasty breakouts that I occasionally get and would definitely get if I stumbled upon something that was not pure. I rather pay 40 USD and have a luxuriously packaged product that I know has been produced on the owner’s own plantations and mixed in a high tech lab. No side effects, all benefits, looks sleek on my table and bloody works.

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