Buying Fruit Trees Direct Vs Buying Fruit Trees From A Garden Centre


Are you thinking about buying fruit trees? With spring on its way, apple trees for sale and fruit trees for sale are popping up everywhere.

The question is should you buy yours from the garden centre or direct from a growing specialist such as Chris Bowers and Sons?

Of course, there are pros and cons to both. However, in general, it is often best to buy fruit trees direct.

Buying Fruit Trees From A Grower

Although you would probably like to buy from your local garden centre, there are advantages to buying direct from a grower.

One of the main advantages is that a grower can offer you more varieties. Yes, there are interesting varieties at your local garden centre. But, when you are looking for something special, it is a good idea to buy direct.

Are apple trees for sale from a grower cheaper? The answer to that question is yes. Often when you buy fruit trees direct from a dealer, you can save money.

Another advantage which is easy to forget about is that you can enjoy personalised advice when you buy direct. Perhaps you are not sure what variety is right for you. If so, when you buy from a grower, you have the opportunity to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Buying Apple Trees From A Garden Centre

You could say that buying apply trees from your local garden centre supports the local economy. That is probably true. Garden centres just like so many other businesses have struggled during the recent pandemic.

Another advantage of buying fruit trees locally is that you can take them home the same day and plant them. But then again, when you order direct, your trees are often shipped the same day. In all likelihood, they are probably with you ready for planting in a matter of days.

Many gardeners enjoy speaking face to face with someone. Yes, gardeners do like to talk to the person they are buying their trees from. If you do, you may want to think about visiting the grower that has fruit trees for sale.

In Conclusion

It is not always easy to know which is the best way. But, one thing is for certain, you can probably save money by going direct to a grower. Maybe you can even afford to buy a larger tree that starts to produce fruit much sooner.

Like so many other gardeners, you are probably keen to try the fruits of your labour.

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