Great Solutions for the Perfect Beer Options


Find out how to cool beer right away, bottled and in carafe, or simply how to open beer without a corkscrew: answer all these questions with these hacks that can solve long-standing problems that beer enthusiasts face every day. For example, you will find that drinking in a bottle of cold beer is very easy, even if you forgot to put it in the fridge the night before.

Thanks to the infographics of here are incredible tricks, which perhaps you did not know about beer. (Don’t forget about the Personalised Stubby Coolersnow)


Beer Ice Cubes

Beer with ice inside is a sacrilege, it would just ruin it. Be smart and create ice cubes of beer to let solidify. Warning: leave some space in the ice containers, because the beer freezing expands.

How to Orderly Display Fresh Beer

Now this trick is known by many, but for newbies it is better to repeat it. Get a stationery clip, the black ones, and in this way create a pyramid of beer bottles that will take up very little space in the fridge.

How To Open Beer With Paper

Is the corkscrew missing? Do not despair; if you have a piece of paper you are still safe. Fold an A4 sheet, hold the bottle tightly with one hand, place the folded paper under the cap and try to apply pressure by prying with your hand underneath. Watching this video you will have a clear explanation.

What Is Your Beer?

Maybe you live in a crowded house, maybe you’re at a party. Wherever you are, you soon get confused with the bottles, but just a simple rubber band to always find your beer. The rubber band around the bottle will tear off the label and you’ll know what’s yours.

The Pitcher Of Beer Always Cold

We have already said, the ice inside the beer is off limits. For this reason if you want to serve the beer in a jug, and keep it always cold, this trick in the kitchen will be very useful. A small plastic cup will suffice, to be filled with ice and then placed in the jug slowly.

Quickly Cool A Bottle Of Beer

Friends all of a sudden? Cool the bottles immediately: take a small basin, put ice in it and immerse the bottles immediately afterwards. Add some salt.

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