How Amazon become more popular

  • Other than Amazon (amazon stock) and Flipkart still, there are many online shopping sites. Because of the availability of products and services for their customers, Amazon and Flipkart, like online shopping websites, attract more customers. Customers are attracted only by their first impression. So, it is more important to maintain and to design the website. Customers would always expect offers and, they would show more interest in buying products at less cost. By understanding this technique, sellers would fix a price for the material, and they will reduce the rate of the work from the fixed price by a 10 to 20 percent discount. We could see these types of offers on casual days, but when we usually check the shopping websites during festival days, the seller would give more than 50 percent for some products.
  • Here let us take a branded mobile phone as an example. In casual days if the cost of the mobile is twenty thousand, if we check the same product at peak season, the seller would offer some discount of up to 70 percent for his customers. When the offer reaches the customers, he could get some spirit to buy the discount mobile phone. Then discounts up to 70 percent will be available for just 3 to 4 days here; the buyer should place the order within the limited period and before the offer ends. The fixed period offers forces the customers to buy the product because if a customer could not believe the mobile phone due to his poverty. Discounts at the peak season help those customers to purchase the product at less cost.
  • Every online shopping website’s concept is to attract more customers.
  • Only by customers shopping, the owner of every online website can earn.

How real shopping becomes online shopping?

  • In ancient days before the presence of online shopping websites, Walmart is one of the largest selling shops, which means we could see Walmart on every street. But to shop through Walmart customer, should move to the Walmart store to buy their necessary products. Here, Walmart will not provide any offers and will not deliver the products to its home. But understanding the need for the people, a single person named Jeff Bezos introduced the online shopping website known as Amazon. He offered the people not to move from their house for shopping and, he can deliver the products to the customer’s home. When Amazon brought these facilities to their customers, people omit to shop through Walmart. By earning more customers, Jeff started investing in all popular countries. This is how Amazon is still helpful for people.

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