How To Reinvent Old Clothes


Some clothes have a special place in our life. Sometimes we have emotions attached and there are numerous reasons we want to keep updating old clothes to wear them with different styles again and again. With time and constant washing, clothes look old and used. It is commonly seen that clothes get small fibre on top of the fabric in the form of small balls and it’s hard to remove them from clothes. Synthetic fabrics are more likely to create these pellets. This is due to the fact that over time the fibres that come off get attached to the fabric forming these ‘balls’, while in natural fabrics they tend to come off.

Customising clothes is nothing more than a solution to renew your wardrobe and adapt it more to your style.

Below are some top tips to reinvent your old clothes.

· Many times we buy a dress that we love, we put it on once, and then never again for not repeating the outfit. You can use a neck of another dress, trimmings, buttons etc. In any haberdashery, you will find materials to do it. Use your creativity to give your clothes a new look.

· Custom embroidery is also a popular way to customise your clothes, you can make use of custom embroidered patches to give your clothes a new stylish look. There is no need to do a lot of hassle as these patches are now available online easily so you don’t have to worry about creating them, this is one of the easiest and popular ways to reinvent your old clothes and give them a totally trendy look.

· The jeans are kings, you can easily turn them into shorts and thankfully if you browse the internet you will find ample of ideas to customise a short so that it does not look anything like its old version.

· Have you ever bought clothes for an occasion and have not worn them again? Like those white pants you bought for a party but you haven’t worn them again. If you have a garment that you no longer wear because you no longer like its colour or simply want to have a different garment. Simply consider re-colouring your clothes to give them a new look. You can choose the colour of dye for clothes that you like the most or look for a fashionable colour.

Customising your clothes is really a money-saving and great effort to give your clothes a completely new look.

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