Reproductive Technologies Closer Than They Seem


In 2021, there are no borders for reproductive medicine on the way of overcoming infertility, both men and women. ADONIS newest techniques of IVF with ICSI will help you to obtain the mother and father status.

While the Conventional IVF Fertilization is well-known and used, the IVF+ICSI can be unfamiliar for the majority of needy people. This effective technique can help to treat male infertility by inserting sperm cells specifically into the egg. ADONIS own embryo laboratory is the place where the whole procedure is conducted under the close eye of the best embryologists and fertility specialists. The latest equipment maintains the special temperature for the resultative fertilization, while specially constructed boxes work on embryo cultivation for 3-5 days.

The most common reasons to use ICSI+IVF are:

  • Pathozoospermia (oligo-, astheno-, teratozoospermia and their combinations), unamenable for correction – sperm concentration less than ≤2 million, sperm motility less than ≤5%, normally formed sperm less than ≤5%
  • Azoospermia (obstructive and non-obstructive) – absence of sperm in the ejaculate
  • Fertilization absence or its low percentage when performing the Conventional IVF Fertilization in case of normozoospermia
  • Existence of sperm-reacting antibodies – immunological infertility
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction (including retrograde ejaculation)
  • Sexual and ejaculatory disorders
  • Acrosomal sperm response disorder (sperm cannot penetrate the egg)

Individually adapted treatment plan for each family which is formed during the directional consultations with ADONIS specialists will be your own way of treatment. The whole medical history, wide range of tests and investigations are taken into account to reach the highest percentage of success.

ADONIS always works on the best results using the best methods. The ICSI method fertilizes averagely 50-80% of the injected eggs, while Conventional IVF fertilizes about 50% of eggs.

The widest variety of opportunities makes the IVF with ICSI method the most demanded one. The multitasking characteristic is its main advantage, which acts as a guarantee of high success possibility.

Applying IVF+ICSI technique is also applicable for couples:

  • with a history of unsuccessful IVF attempts in case of normozoospermia
  • in late reproductive age (in women over 40 years, the number and quality of the obtained eggs decreases significantly, pellucid zone thickening is observed; in men, with age, sperm cells are with various kinds of anomalies with increasing frequency)
  • if a woman has a significantly reduced ovarian reserve, and each egg is very valuable
  • with infertility of unknown origin

Hundreds of opportunities are available in our time. ADONIS takes advantage from each of them to make the large number of couples happy.

With the newest reproductive technologies, we improve the quality of life of every patient. The IVF with ICSI method is one of the most effective methods of infertility overcoming and with ADONIS clinics your chance of being parents is increasing significantly.

The best medical care for the worldwide community, ADONIS centers is your place of next generation treatment.

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