Sense the Best Options for the Wedding Now for Perfect Shopping


If you are planning your wedding you may be overwhelmed by all the possibilities that are available. How do you ensure that your wedding fits you perfectly? With these tips you make your wedding personal. Choose the tips that you love from the shopping guide for wedding now.

Make a stamp

Make a stamp with your initials. Everything you use for your wedding can be labeled with it. Think of napkins, thank you notes, save the date cards, menu cards. In other words: go crazy . morans

Special food

Serve snacks at your wedding that are different than usual. Do you both like something special? Then go for a non-obvious menu.

Use a favorite movie quote

What is your favorite movie? Grab a quote from this movie, write it on nice plates and put it on the tables during dinner or on standing tables during the party.

Music as a wedding bed

Make a top 10 of juliefavo songs and burn them on a CD. Give all guests this CD as a wedding gift. Finish it off with a nice CD cover. Are not you so handy? With for example Party gifts you can make this very easy by uploading a photo.

Vegetable garden

Do you have green fingers and have you always wanted a vegetable garden? Ask all guests if they want to bring something, such as plants or seeds. Before you know it you have your own vegetable garden!

Personal wedding vow

Write your own personal wedding vows! What do you promise each other? Speak that during the wedding ceremony. Nobody will keep it dry … Learn more about this? Read this article: personal wedding vow.

Integrate (old) family recipes

When the location allows you to arrange the catering yourself, go all the way . Make a buffet with all kinds of (old) family dishes and write who made it: grandmother’s butter apple pie, dad’s mini-hamburgers.

Use signs

After a formal, exciting, emotional ceremony, it’s time for a party! Make plates on sticks with the text: HOERA! As you walk out of the hall everyone can wave these signs. Also use signs on your wedding to indicate the different parts of the day, if they take place at different locations.

Tickets during dinner

Put cute colored cards down on the table during the wedding dinner and ask if everyone wants to write their wish for you.

Personal text

Do you use a table arrangement during dinner? Write down a sentence for each guest that typifies him.

Make placemats

Make placemats with a collage of photos of you.

From the past to the present

Hang fun photo frames everywhere with photos of you from the past to the present. You can also use wedding photos of your parents. Nice for the vintage touch!

No standard guestbook

A standard guestbook is nothing for you? Think of something else to make a great reception book. Make all the guests a nice picture with a polaroid camera and let them write a nice message on this poloroid photo.

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