Sofas You Can Live In – Hard Wearing Sofas for a Young Family


Young families come with many challenges, and small children can be quite a handful. It’s often the case that young families have to sacrifice stylish choices for more practical ones and choose things to adorn the home that will survive the onslaught of toddlers and small children.

Therefore, when choosing a sofa, if you’re a family with young children its worth buying a hard-wearing model that can take a bit of punishment: buy one at you can live in.

Young Children – A Sofa’s Worst Nightmare

Closely followed by pets, young children can be the worst things for the wellbeing of nice furniture. If you have stylish yet flimsy items round the house and young energetic children, eventually only one will remain standing…and children tend to bounce back better than furniture.


Children can be a blessing and really bring a lot of life into a home with their seemingly boundless energy. However, this does mean that breakages can occur. Whether it’s through adopting the sofa as a new trampoline or having a play fight on top of it, a sofa is at risk of being damaged by children.

Not only this, scissors during arts and crafts or cutlery at meal times can all find be either dropped onto or impaled into furniture. Whether its work, play or meal times, young children can gravitate towards the sofa, as it’s a place of comfort, therefore there is the risk of damaging the structure or the fabric at all times.


Children aren’t the tidiest of creatures and often leave things in a mess. Not only is this due to a lack of consideration or focus, but their co-ordination isn’t as strong, especially with young children. As such, spillages are a natural part of any young family’s day-to-day life. Once again, whether it’s at meal times, doing arts and crafts, or even just with drinks throughout the day, odds are, your sofa will at some point be decorated with the spillages of a child.


Lastly, children are energetic and a lot livelier than adults and therefore do things more whole-heartedly. Compare the way in which an adult sits on a sofa, to the way in which a seven year old leaps onto it and you can see that children can wear things down much more quickly. As such, your sofa will be susceptible to wear and tear at a vastly increased rate if it’s being regularly used by young children.

Buying a Hard-Wearing Sofa

As is evident, children can really be a strain on furniture. So it’s time to discard the avant garde designs and genuine leather finishes to opt for a more practical alternative. You should choose a sofa that will be able to take a beating and not break. Not only this, but you want one that will survive spillages and mess and be able to last the distance too.

Factors to Consider


You should choose a sturdy framed sofa, one that can take weight effortlessly and that will survive the occasional jump on it. This includes looking at the way it stands up. Regardless of the rigidity of the frame, if it’s supported by weak legs, it won’t be long till one snaps off.


You should make sure that the cushioning of the sofa won’t be damaged by over-use and will weather the excessive use that children present.


The material or fabric of the sofa is very important with young families; you should choose one that doesn’t rip or tear easily, and one that can be easily wiped down for those times when children make a mess.

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