The Art Of Face Mapping: What Your Skin Says About The Rest Of The Body


Modern dermatology has recently merged with traditional Chinese medicine for creating an amazing combination. This combination represents face mapping. This mapping basically refers to a very popular dermatological technique that establishes a correlation between varied facial zones and internal organs.

How Skin Analysis Is Done With A Mapping Of The Face?

Mapping of the face needs to be done accurately by experts for making a perfect analysis of your skin and related issues. This mapping technique can help in knowing the underlying reasons for your acne or other unwanted breakouts of your facial skin. A proper explanation of facial blemishes, oiliness, sensitivity, skin tone, ageing, acne and dryness can be received. Your face is being methodically or systematically analysed inch-by-inch.

Skin-care routine is highly dependent on your lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle creates a bad impact on your organs internally and this impact ultimately results in different kinds of skin issues. Therefore, if internal organs are cleansed thoroughly then your skin condition can also be improved accordingly. Cleansing makes the organs absolutely toxin-free and thus your skin remains healthy and glowing all the time.

Now, almost every modern dermatological centre is conducting this kind of advanced facial-skin analysis for detecting the actual causes of skin troubles of patients. If the troubles are detected accurately then only doctors can refer to proper treatments and medicines. This analysis will help in improving skin quality and texture day-by-day and thus people are now considering this technique a gift of science.

There are many modern beauty salons where this kind of mapping is being done by professionals for offering some of the best skin-care solutions to patients. All skin-care products are not for every skin and therefore this analysis plays a great role in deciding the exact kind of skin-care product that works great for your skin. To be precise, you can receive a customized skin-care solution with the help of this unique technique.

Foreheads tell about liver and gallbladder issues while the area in between right-side eyebrows indicates liver emotions and left-side eyebrows indicate spleen condition. From eyes, condition of thyroid problems, intestinal issues and joint troubles can be detected. Impaired kidneys are being indicated by skin below eyes. Lung issues, poor nutrition absorption and slow metabolism can be easily known from cheeks.

The nose can help in knowing about heart and blood issues. Digestion and intestine related information can be received from the lower lip. Chin can assist in detecting hormonal imbalance and tongue in detecting toxin build-up. Only an experienced and specialised professional has got the capability of making facial skin analysis properly without any mistake. If you include a few positive changes in your lifestyle then skin issues can definitely be controlled to a great extent and your organs internally will also remain healthy.

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