What to Do When your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Quite Fit


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and unless you are having the dress made specially for you, there will be small things that require some alteration. It might be:

  • The dress is a little too long
  • The waist needs taking in or letting out
  • The shoulders don’t quite fit

Fortunately, there are affordable wedding dress alterations in Solihull from a professional seamstress, and with her help, your wedding dress will fit like it should. All you need to do is make a fitting appointment, and she will see you during the evenings and weekends if it is more convenient, and make sure you bring the shoes you plan to wear on your big day, as the seamstress will want you to wear them when she looks at how the dress fits.

Don’t Settle for Less Than Perfection

Hopefully, you only walk down the aisle once in your life, and if ever there is a time to look your very best, this is it. Once you arrive at the dress maker’s shop, she will ask you to put on the dress and the shoes, then she will use her expertise to see how she can make the dress a better fit. There is always something that can be slightly altered to make the dress a better fit, which is what the seamstress does best, and should you be in a hurry, she will put you at the top of her list to ensure that your wedding dress is a perfect fit.

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