Winter Trends: Jacket For Winter


Winter is the time to doll up in stylish, warmclothing. For most of us, the best favourite article of clothing is mostly a part of winter clothing. Winters offer so many options to choose from, be it a blazer, a sweatshirt, a coat, a jacket or a sweater.That soft material around you in a chilly winter night feels like pleasure from heaven. Yes, that magical clothing is a jacket. Jackets are one of the most demanded article of clothing in winters, however, the jacket trend that was on peak in the previous year may not be seen much in the prevailing year, but the love for jacket remains constant as these provide the best comfort and warmth.

Sometrending styles in jackets.

  • Hooded jackets – Hooded jacket for winter is one of the very few jacket trends that didn’t go away within a year or two. Hooded jackets are trendy both for men and women. The best part about these jackets is their fit in the trunk region. Wearing a hooded jacket over any casual sweater gives a very classy look to the wearer. The outfit looks best when styled with a pair of boots and your favourite denim.
  • Quilted jackets –Quiltedjacketis the warmest jacket for winter. It is filled with a soft cotton and fibres kind of material on the inside and gives a padded feel that is very comfortable.Quilted or padded jackets are generally short in length and provide a very sexy look to the wearer. Moreover, these jackets are incredibly warm if you live in hilly regions or any part of the world where it snows frequently, and the temperature drops severely. These are available both for men and women.
  • Biker jackets –Biker jackets for both men and women are insanely stylish to wear for everyday use. These jackets are generally made up of leather or substitutes for leather. These jackets are not very warm but are amazing for light winters and are not recommended for snowy winters.
  • Long jackets – This is one of the trendiest jackets in the market. These jackets have a long hem, and they give a very premium look on wearing. The jacket is not very warm and is made up materials for light winters like leather or any other thick clothing. These jackets are generally not body fit and are styled better when wornopen, without a fastener.
  • Leathers – Leather jackets are something that never goes out of style.Be it brown, black or blue leather jackets are always a part of winter trends for any year. Leather jackets are of different kinds; some biker jackets are also made up of leather. However, other leather jackets are available for heavy winters as well.
  • Parka jackets –Parka jackets are one of the warmest jackets for winters. The outer material is something like cotton (not exactly cotton). It has a soft, warm material filled inside to provide warmth. The distinguishing feature of parka jackets is that it has fur on the cap.
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